Sourdough starter

Inspired by Joshua Weissman

Current percentages

  • 100% hydration – 100 g distilled water at room temperature up to 80 degrees F, 100 g total flour
  • 65% (65 g) whole wheat
  • 35% (35 g) rye


  • Clear container with screw-on lid, such as a Mason jar
  • Spatula
  • Kitchen scale


  • Purchase large bags of flour but keep a jar full on your counter top for bulk purchase and convenience
  • When starting a new container measure and zero the scale
  • If not starting from scratch, discard all but 25 g of the original starter
  • Write this weight on a piece of masking tape and save it for later
  • When refreshing starter, stir and discard all but 25 g
  • Add flour(s) and room temperature water (I pour this in a small cup first for safer measuring) right to the same jar and mix thoroughly – check the bottom
  • Screw on lid, loosely
  • Add tape to where the starter sits so you can watch it rise!
  • It should take somewhere between 4-8 hours to become active and ready for baking – depends on your atmosphere! Just set an alarm and keep watch, don’t want to miss it!
  • There are recipes that call for unfed or inactive starter, for instance, Belgian waffles

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