Rosewater-Pistachio Sourdough Bread

Rosewater-Pistachio Sourdough Bread

Room conditions

50% hydration, 75 degrees F

Mis en place for a 250 g boule

  1. First, feed the starter. I fed mine at 10:30 AM – I had to wait 8 hours for this one to rise!TIP: when the starter does start rising, check it every 15 minutes in order to not miss the peak! From experience, it kind of sucks to have to wait another day to try again =/
  2. 85% bread flour – 212 g
  3. 7% rye, 7% wheat – 18-20 g each
  4. 80% hydration at approx. 80 degrees F
    1. 175 g + 25 g
  5. 20% starter – 50 g
  6. 2% salt – 5 g


  1. 30-60 minutes – I chose 45 minute.
  2. Afterwards, I added a tablespoon of rosewater as part of the remaining water to be mixed in with the salt
    1. TIP: If you would actually like to taste the rosewater, I’d add more
Look at those bubbles!

Bulk Fermentation

  1. The first fold – It was 7:50 PM at this time, for me
  2. During second fold (actually, after, I forgot to add them!!) add pistachio
    1. TIP: I followed a recipe that called for 37% pistachio (I thought it was a strange percentage…I’m all for “round” numbers…) and it was a little much.
    2. Our pistachios were lightly roasted and salted, so we decided to put them into the dough as-is

Shaping and Bench Rest


  1. 11:45 PM – bedtime


This bread achieved a 3″ rise. I find larger scores assist the oven-spring best for this shaped boule. If you look closely, you will see I tried to make minor scores using the lame and scissors. At least after this one-time experience, I’d have to say I appreciated the smaller scores made by the lame over the scissors.

It’s Baking Time!

  1. 9:45 AM – bread is in the oven
    1. TIP: Don’t forget to preheat that oven well in advance…Don’t just think about doing it, turn on your oven, then you can go back to something else!
  2. 20 minutes with lid, then remove the lid and spray again; bake another 20 minutes
    1. TIP: This one may have been able to get away with closer to 15 minutes after removing lid – each loaf is unique
  3. After baking is done, rest the boule for 20 minutes in the oven, turned off, door cracked open
    1. Can you hear it crackling?
  4. Now you can remove the boule from the oven, and out of the dutch oven, to place on a cooling rack for another two hours.
    1. Are you excited to try it?? Go occupy yourself elsewhere, time goes quicker when you are distracted!

The Finished Product

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