Sourdough English Muffins

Kentucky meets New Jersey

Inspired by: Baking Sense using local NJ honey, made for Kentucky apple butter!


  • 224 g active starter – this one is mainly made up of a 100% bread flour starter supplemented with my 80% wheat-20% rye starter (189 g bread flour starter, 35 g wheat-rye starter) – it took 6.5 h for my fed starter to rise and pass a float test during the summer w/ approx 50% humidity, 75 degree F kitchen
  • 180 ml warm water, approx 85 degrees F
  • 240 ml warm milk, 110 degrees F – I used oat milk
  • 700 g flour – this one is made up of mostly bread flour supplemented by Yechezkel flour (4.5 c bread flour, .5 Yechezkel flour)
  • 75 g honey – from a neighbor, doesn’t get much more local than that!
  • 56 g oil – I used canola oil
  • 2 t salt – I used course salt
  • cornmeal


  • combine starter, water, milk and 2 c flour
  • cover and set for 30 min
  • combine honey, oil, and salt
  • add rest of flour
  • if using a stand mixer, set up your dough hook for the next part
  • mix all ingredients together and, if using stand mixer, knead for 2-3 minutes
  • transfer bowl to lightly oiled bowl (I used olive oil), coat the dough, cover the bowl and let sit 30 min
  • perform your first series of turns, then rest an additional 30 min
  • perform your second series of turns, then rest 60 min
  • perform your third and last series of turns, then rest another 60 min
  • you can do this up to an additional 2 hours if the dough is still not light and airy
  • knead into a ball and place onto a cornmeal-dusted workplace
  • roll out to 1/2″ thickness and cut out 3″ biscuits – I used the lip of a drinking glass, but was a little thick
  • place onto ungreased baking sheet while you pre-heat the griddle to medium-low (325 degrees F) and the biscuits have a chance to rise, covered for 1 hr/until nearly double in size
  • spray the griddle and cook biscuits 8 min/side until they rise and are deep, golden brown
  • cool on wire rack
  • serve toasted – we “cut” ours open using a fork to create the nooks and crannies
  • freeze leftovers and defrost approx 20 sec/side in microwave
After turns
After kneading
Ready to be “baked”
Cooking side 1 and watching them rise
After the flip – look at the deep, golden brown
Placed on a cool rack
“Cut” open with a fork
Toasting – don’t forget the butter!
Spread it on…and enjoy!

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