Sous Vide Filet Mignon With Pesto Pasta

This recipe takes some time but most of the time is hands-off. The meal comes together quickly once the sous vide portion is complete.

Sous Vide Filet Mingnon

  • Prep basin of water to 125 degrees and create pouches per (half pound) steak – leave plenty of length
  • Prep cast iron dutch ovens and lids
  • Get another pot prepared with water for boiling pasta
  • Dress the steaks – butter, salt, pepper, any other additives you may like such as hot peppers, fresh herbs
  • Place in pouch parallel with bottom of bag and cover with olive oil, try to pour around steak to avoid washing away the seasoning. The oil will help circulate the seasoning during cooking
  • Vacuum seal pouches and place into basin of water for 2.5 hours
  • After 2 hours get 3 burners piping hot
  • Prep the cast iron dutch oven(s) and lids – get them piping hot!
  • Get the pasta water boiling
  • Cook pasta for 10 minutes, drain
  • Cut open pouches and pour into your cast iron dutch oven(s), cover
  • Cook 1-2 minute/side (we cook ours for 1.5 minutes/side)
  • Tent for 5 minutes
  • Dress pasta with pesto
  • Enjoy!

Pesto Sauce

  • This pesto recipe included microgreens, dinosaur kale and basil fresh from our indoor garden along with pine nuts, lemon, parmesan, salt, garlic, olive oil

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