Oat milk latte…yes, you can!


  • Keep mugs in freezer, and keep “milk” cold
  • Make sure your steamer is warmed up and tested – make sure it’s steam coming out, not water (don’t want to water it down!)
  • Position mug so nozzle is in upper right corner at an angle, make sure the entire tip is in the milk, deeper than you think
  • You can slowly raise or lower mug as needed depending on how much foam you want
  • Listen to the sound, it should sound like ripping paper, not making bubbles!
  • When the mug becomes too warm to the touch and the volume has about doubled in size, you are good to go
  • Turn off steam and SLOWLY remove mug (so you don’t get splashed on…)
  • Let it sit for about 30 sec
  • Give it a firm but gentle bang on the table to break up any larger bubbles, we’re going for microfoam here.
  • Give it a good swirl and away you go!

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