Sussex County

The place I grew up since the start of middle school. Barely known even to most New Jerseyans. As “we” in Sussex like to say, “it’s a special place”. Unique to the rest of the state, Sussex is mostly rolling hills, organic farms and protected land.

Most people know Sussex because of Mountain Creek in Vernon, or maybe one of our lakes: Culver lake in Branchville, or Lake Hopatcong. Or, maybe from one of our parks: High Point State Park, Stokes State Forest, Swartswood Lake.

I wanted to give Sussex county a special place on my blog to spread awareness of this special place – there is a lot of good produce in this area and more people should be aware! Did you know the food from this area (Roaming Acres, see below) is sold to New Yorkers at Union square farmers market to celebrities such as Rachel Ray? (Why don’t the people of Sussex county?)


Maple Syrup

Ostrich at Roaming Acres Natural Farm
Roaming Acres Natural Farm, Lafayette

Water Buffalo Mozzarella for New York’s (New Jersey’s) Best Pizza


A list of all Sussex farms

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